The art of producing electricity without fault

The winter chill has arrived and there is currently an electricity crisis around Europe. Not a great combination exactly, but fortunately you can produce your own electricity for your house with the aid of a petrol generator. But generators also cost money, and therefore their performance is crucial in a time of already high costs. So, how do we ensure that the generator always starts and works as it should? Three words: Aspen alkylate petrol. In this article we explain how and why.


There is fuel, and then there is fuel

Regular commercial petrol, also called E10 petrol, contains 10% ethanol. And this can be a big problem for petrol generators, regardless of whether they are newly purchased or a few years old. The reason is ethanol’s ability to bind moisture during storage – which can result in corrosion, damaged rubber seals and clogged carburettors in the generator. We notice this in two ways: either the engine does not start, or performance decreases.

With the right fuel, your generator lasts longer.

With Aspen alkylate petrol you avoid this. With a refined and cleaner type of petrol which contains no ethanol and therefore lasts longer than regular E10 petrol. When you fill the tank with Aspen alkylate petrol, you can therefore be sure that the generator’s engine starts as it should and runs more smoothly, without clogging again – even after seasonal storage. With the right fuel, your generator lasts longer, and you do not have to think about servicing and repairs.


Save money without affecting everyday life

As a house owner, you would prefer to have a generator that does not make too much noise. One requirement, that often affects the price tag of the generator. But just as important is the generator’s impact on the neighbourhood’s immediate environment.  No-one likes unpleasant fumes, right? Therefore, as a house owner, you should be just as careful in your choice of generator. And when it comes to generators, Aspen alkylate petrol is the best choice of fuel, thanks to its purity.

With Aspen alkylate petrol, no traces are left at all

You can actually test this yourself by dropping a little regular E 10 petrol on to a white plate and then lighting it. You will then see traces of the petrol. But, if you do the same thing with Aspen alkylate petrol, no traces are left at all. In other words: when you use the right fuel in your generator, not only does performance improve – you also avoid polluting your engine and your surroundings.


Choose the right alkylate petrol for your generator

You gain a lot from a petrol generator but saving money should never come at the expense of your health or that of your loved ones. And as we mentioned above, the purity of the petrol is crucial for your generator, but also for your immediate environment – where you, your family and your neighbours live.

Aspen alkylate petrol is the original since 1988. It is a cleaner type of petrol, which benefits the machine and is healthier to work with. Therefore, it is not so surprising that Aspen costs a few Swedish kronor more than regular petrol – the benefit is quite simply greater. You can read more about Aspen alkylate petrol here.