The electricity crisis has led to a shortage of firewood

Many house owners are now taking matters into their own hands and going out with their chainsaws, to ensure a supply of wood logs before winter. A cost-smart solution, as long as the engine starts as it should. Here, the choice of fuel plays a decisive role, and below we find out which fuel best benefits the machine, the neighbourhood and the wallet.


New times require new ways of thinking

The firewood sacks in the trade have increased in price but decreased in number. As a house owner, it is therefore natural to go out and chop your own firewood. Chainsaws get hot during use, and some handle this better than others. But it is not necessarily the age or the price tag that determines whether the chainsaw performs as it should. Or rather, reaches its full potential.

It’s all quite simple – all engines need clean fuel to perform properly for a long time. This is the case regardless of how many years old the machine is and what it cost. When you fill up with the right fuel, you don’t need to worry about the chainsaw starting to jam in the middle of looking for firewood. A cleaner fuel is therefore always affordable, and the cleanest petrol of all is Aspen alkylate petrol. Ethanol-free petrol contains virtually none of the harmful substances found in regular E10 petrol. The engine leaves very few carbon deposits, and you won't have to inhale unpleasant exhaust emissions.

With the right fuel in the tank, you show respect for both your chainsaw and the environment.

The right choice of fuel is a security

Wood theft and “wood stress”. Two rather unpleasant expressions, which are now more common than ever in the daily press. But the shortage of firewood does need not to make you feel insecure. Rather, it is a challenge that requires a long-term approach. When you make sure that your chainsaw works as it should, you are thinking long-term, above all financially. And as we said above, fuel is more than just a propellant. It is far more than that. Your choice of fuel determines the stamina of your chainsaw, but also how healthy the environment is where you are sawing. Because no-one wants unpleasant fumes in their vicinity, right?

With the right fuel in the tank, you therefore show respect for your chainsaw but also for your surroundings. To do this, you need a fuel that is cleaner than regular commercial petrol. You need alkylate petrol, from Aspen.

Aspen alkylate petrol is a safe everyday investment, in a time of high costs.

A chainsaw must always start

Especially now, when you as a house owner need it the most. Therefore, your choice of fuel is more important than ever. Filling the tank of your chainsaw with the right petrol will ensure that you avoid performance problems due to a clogged engine. Your chainsaw will then start and do the job every time you go out to fell and cut up trees.

In other words: Aspen alkylate petrol is a safe everyday investment, in a time of high costs. And by filling the tank with regular E10 petrol, you may have to pay for it in the long run. You can read more about Aspen alkylate petrol here.