A sustainable work environment is where we started - and where we're going.


An ethanol-free fuel with a very long shelf life
An engine with less wear and maximum performance every time is key to a frictionless workday. This is thanks to Aspen having control over every step of the production chain, which gives us insight to the entire journey – from refinery to jerrycan – to ensure high quality with every batch.

When filling your small engine with Aspen, it will start every time – even if it has been inactive for months. Filling up your engine with Aspen alkylate also means a cleaner engine that won’t clog, which makes your job run smoothly.

As a matter of fact, one of the main benefits with switching to our premium alkylate petrol is how much less wear and harmful impact it has – both on the engine and the people who use it. When using a cleaner fuel, the engine runs a much smaller risk on failing, stopping and clogging. If you don’t have to leave the machine to service as often your business will benefit from this and you’ll have much more sustainable equipment that will last longer.

Humans also benefit from using Aspen alkylate. First and foremost, you feel better. And when you feel better, you do better. Happy and healthy employees is of course the main factor to a successful business. The first step to achieving a healthier work environment is switching to the original alkylate petrol – Aspen.

Caring for people is in our DNA

Nurturing for the people behind the machine is where it all started for us, it’s in our DNA. Ever since 1988 we’ve worked for a more sustainable and safe future – and today is no different. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know what makes a difference to businesses – and we’re proud to be able to offer our experience and knowledge that comes with being the original.

Roland Elmäng founded the company to care for forestry workers’ work environment. When he discovered that they were suffering from headaches due to breathing in toxic fumes from the petrol they were using, he created an alkylate mixture. A mix with significantly less harmful emissions and cancerous substances such as benzene. The result – a healthier, safer workplace with great benefits not only for the people using it, but their machines and the environment.

The advantages for the engine’s performance, that come with using alkylate is just as important as a sustainable and joyful work environment. Using alkylate petrol also reduces emissions of nitric oxide, which in turn causes less ground-level ozone to be formed. Ground-level ozone makes it harder for plants to absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen through photosynthesis. If you want to improve your work environment for your employees and business’ sake – upgrading to the original is a given.

High quality alkylate petrol that you can rely on

We test our petrol several times before it ends up in the jerrycan. Verifying our fuel inhouse regularly to make sure we keep up our high level of performance is something we’ve done since the beginning. Using a premium alkylate brand like Aspen is not only beneficial when it comes to minimizing toxic fumes and reducing headaches. But your engine’s life will be prolonged. And this is thanks to our thorough and regular testing.

At Aspen we believe in continuous improvement

As the images show, Aspen has a huge positive impact on your machine’s parts and causes much less damage on the engine. In these images you can tell the palpable difference Aspen has on your engine. We’ve discovered in our labs the wear and damage standard petrol has on your engine.

When it comes to BTEX material, there is a remarkable difference between Aspen alkylate petrol and standard petrol, we have studies to show for it. We can see a notable impact in these graphs, when being subject of long-term exposure to standard fuel. The results of the level of harmful and toxic emissions that can be up to 15 times lower with Aspen, is undeniable.

The long-term exposure especially concerns professionals as they are working daily with small handheld machines and being constantly surrounded by the fumes. We want to change that, but we know that switching to standard petrol to alkylate petrol is not the end goal. It is switching the Aspen – the original brand