The art of renting out, without wearing out.


Do you rent out machinery? Then you have a lot to gain by recommending the right fuel to your customers. With Aspen, it is easy to avoid engine breakdowns, sudden repairs and unnecessary maintenance. At the same time, your customers get a healthier working environment. We offer, among other things:  

Aspen alkylate petrol – for two-stroke and four-stroke engines

✔️ Up to 99 % cleaner than regular petrol and completely ethanol-free.

✔️ Keeps engines in your machinery clean and corrosion-free.

✔️ The machine user does not have to inhale harmful hydrocarbons.

Aspen D – for small diesel engines

✔️ Consists of almost 100% renewable raw material.

✔️ Can be stored for three to four times longer than standard diesel.

✔️ Reduces the risk of clogged filters or injectors and engine breakdowns.

Aspen Bio Chain Oil – for chainsaws

✔️ Environmentally-friendly vegetable oil saw chain oil of the highest quality.

✔️ Suits all types of chains and bars in chainsaws.

✔️ Provides great protection against corrosion and withstands long periods without use.

Rental centres win at Aspen

Here you can see how it is going for one of our customers that rents out Honda EU22i generators. When they started filling the tank with Aspen 2-stroke, and asked their customers to do the same, the following happened:

- The generators required less maintenance and availability increased. This reduced our customer’s costs by 150 Euros per generator and year, and increased their rental income by 45 Euros per generator and year.

- Our customer’s additional sales increased by 1 100 Euros per year. This is because they started to sell Aspen alylate petrol to their customers when renting out their generators.

- In addition, our customer’s customer received a healthier work environment, free from the harmful hydrocarbons and other unhealthy substances found in regular petrol.


For the machine

Unlike standard commercial petrol, our petrol cleans soot and harmful deposits from the engine. In addition, our fuel withstands long periods of storage, is ethanol-free and therefore does not bind moisture, which protects machinery from corrosion and damaged rubber seals.

For people

Everyone deserves a safe working environment. With Aspen, you avoid the harmful hydrocarbons and other unhealthy substances found in regular petrol. Exhaust gases are cleaner and the working environment healthier. This makes a big difference to the machine user and everyone around.

For the environment

Wearing out a machine prematurely is bad for both the wallet and the planet. Therefore, it is important to think before filling the tank, and choose a fuel that is cleaner than standard commercial petrol. When you choose Aspen, the machine lasts longer and ground-level ozone is reduced.