Aspen R

Specialist fuel for motorsports

Aspen R is a fuel for those who simply want the very best, helping you ensure that your engine will deliver to its complete capacity, over and over again. It is used primarily in motorsports, where the need for powerful yet stable performance from a car, go-kart or motorbike is at its peak.

Aspen R’s special characteristics are achieved by ensuring that the fuel is only manufactured using the highest quality components. This gives the fuel motor technology properties more advantageous than those of just ordinary petrol do.

High quality, paired with an even density, makes ensuring that the engine’s ignition and fuel systems provide optimal performance even easier. This fuel can be stored for long periods without the risk of compromising its excellent properties.

Aspen R has an octane rating of RON 102/MON 90, which is the maximum possible under the guidelines issued by the international motorsports federation FIA.

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Product info


Sold in 25-litre cans or 200-litre drums.