Aspen today and tomorrow

Here at Aspen we’re a knowledge-intensive company. At our head office in Hindås, located just outside Gothenburg, we develop fuels, oils and accessories for small engines.

Our story began with a solution to a tough problem; forestry workers were suffering from health issues stemming from the exhaust fumes produced by their chainsaws and clearing saws.

The consideration and commitment that led to this innovative solution are still the building blocks of our company today. Our goal is to ensure that the products we release and sell are always kinder to people, machines and the environment.

Aspen products are now sold in a number of countries world-wide. Our largest markets are still located in Europe, however we are seeing steady growth, and we intend to ensure this trend continues.

How we focus on environmental issues

Our products are better for the environment than the other options on the market. However, we’re not content with stopping there. We want to minimise the environmental impact of all stages of the production process, by going above and beyond the minimum legal requirements. This is why we always work actively to purchase products and services with the minimum possible environmental impact, in terms of manufacturing, transport, usage, disposal, and recycling.

Our aims here are clearly stated in our environmental policy, which can be found here. We are also ISO 14001 certified. Our certificate is available here.

About Aspen

Aspen is part of Lantmännen, an agricultural cooperative owned by 20 000 Swedish farmers with operations throughout the value chain from farm to fork. Aspen provides fuels with environment in focus and our company includes the brand Agrol, which is a major supplier of lubricants to the professional market. If you’d like to know more about Lantmännen, please visit

Since we established Aspen, our products have eliminated significant quantities of harmful emissions containing substances with a negative impact on humans, machines and the environment.

This is something we intend to continue with.

We are set to continue improving our fuels and developing brand new products that are better for people, machines and the environment. Consideration and commitment formed the basis for our first product, and they will continue to be our guiding principles moving forward. That’s a promise.

How we ensure quality in all we do

Taking the comprehensive perspective into account is important here at Aspen. It forms the basis of all that we do, and how we do business. This perspective is fundamental to our quality work, which you can read more about here. This perspective also creates optimal conditions for good, long-term profitability and competitiveness.

We have been working with the international quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 and 14001 since 1998. Click here to download our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates.

How we process your personal data

When you visit or use our websites and other digital channels or contact us, for example in matters to do with customer services, we process your personal data. It is important to us that we do this in accordance with all applicable legislation and regulations, that you are happy with how we process your data, and that you know what your rights are in this respect. If you would like to know more about this, you can consult the privacy policy we have developed in collaboration with our parent company, Lantmännen, which can be found here.