Environmental and Sustainability Policy Aspen Group

An important part of the Aspen Group business concept is to offer and develop specially adapted fuels and lubricating oils with care for man, machine and environment. This means that:

• We work systematically with continuous improvements of products and processes to reduce our energy consumption, achieve sustainable growth, and to develop products with a reduced environmental impact.

• We evaluate environmental performance, social and ethical aspects when we choose suppliers, contractors and business partners.

• Our products prolong the life of the machine, which is an important part of our contribution to a more sustainable environment.

• We strive to protect the environment by considering environmental- and sustainability aspects in a systematic way in all our processes. We set requirements, goals and make follow-ups regarding significant environmental aspects.

• Environmental-, energy- and sustainability issues are an integrated part of our business operations and are part of our longterm strategic work.

• Where possible we choose modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies for our investments.

• We encourage environmental commitment among our employees and we provide everyone with basic knowledge about environmental and sustainability issues.

• We are constantly working with pollution-reducing technologies in order to comply with applicable legislation and current industry requirements.

The result of our environmental and sustainability work creates good conditions for a sustainable business growth.

Hindås 2022-12-05